June 12, 2009

Too busy to blog?

Hi Elijah!

I never write on here anymore :( I have a real bad habit of starting something, becoming obsessed.. then lose my momentum. I love constant change - it feeds me.

I'm still going to the gym.. 5 or 6 days a week! I've lost 23 lbs in 6 weeks. I am so impatient! I hope you don't get that flaw from me - but I think you will. You get angry so quickly - just like me. Today you got real mad about the sprinkler. You said "I want to go in the sprinkler." I said - that's okay- go in. You replied, "But there's too much water" (did you feel me rolling my eyes?!)

Here's another Eli-ism:

Eli: Is today Sunday?
Mom: No, Eli - it's Tuesday, we had a long weekend. Plus Daddy is on vacation this week!
Eli: (holding arms out looking around the room) THIS is No vacation! We need a hotel!
(there I go rolling my eyes again!)

Another one: :)

For you Eli, it's not the YMCA... it's the YMCK and you get really really mad when we try to correct you.

As I've always said, it's a good thing you are cute!

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