July 30, 2008

Challenge Abruptly Ends

I caved.... I was tempted shhhh.. I took the kids to McDonalds... shhhh
Why am I so weak? Today I just wanted to be the "super, you're awesome" Mom.

Over all it was an amazing no fast food month. Honestly, I'm amazed that I made it this long! I can not tell you how many time I said No to Sara for McDonalds. Countless times. Elijah never asked - but he is only 3.

I learned a few things from this experiment....

Fast Food is not good for your wallet. For the 4 of us tonight it cost $12.25 Jim and I had drinks at home and shared a fry. I could have made dinner for half of that.

Fast Food happens when I don't plan.
I had a very lose plan for dinner. Grilled cheese and canned soup. The family was out driving, running an errand. I should not have told Sara what was for supper. I should have just told her food, like I normally do.

Fast Food is not healthy. This stuff is just not good for your digestive system - nuff said!

Fast Food doesn't really taste that great. My burger tonight was not as great as I was expecting it to be. Actually, the bun was kind of soggy. I found out last week I that my homemade burger tasted so much better then any fast food place. My awesome burger at home was a sure winner.

Fast Food makes for a messy car. My car was clean all month. There were no bags on the floor, nothing sticky and no greasy smells.

Fast Food is not good for the environment. Fast food restaurants create a lot of garbage. After cleaning up after our meal (we brought it home) we had a lot of waste! 3 paper bags... 4 boxes from burgers, 3 french fry bags, straws (kids meal) and 2 crappy made in China toys that I will probably donate when the kids aren't looking.

Now on to next month.. August. I need a new challenge. Any ideas?
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