July 9, 2008

Monster Truck

Today I had to take my little Saturn in to get some work done before the warranty is up (in 1000 miles) The work will be free - I like free. Saturn was kind enough to offer me a rental car while this work is being done. Cool, I thought. I was driven to the car rental place and they give me this monster truck. I got a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500. I asked the car dealer guy for something else. He said it was only vehical they had. (I doubt that - they are in the business of renting cars!) I was not pleased. Here are the reasons why:

1/ I've never driven a truck. It was weird to drive something that big. It was a joke to watch me try to buckle Elijah's car seat in.. I couldn't reach one side so I had to crawl around to the other.

2/ I am 5 foot nothing... I had to rappel down the side to get out.

3/ According to our government I get 14 mpg in my rented monster truck. My little Saturn gets 23. I don't always believe the government numbers. What I do know is I was given my truck 3/8 full. The needle is now between 3/8 and a 1/4 full. All I did was drive home. I'm guessing that cost me $10 right there! grrrr

I'm a big believer in the "customer is always right". When I got home I called the Saturn dealership to see how they satisfy me. I'm still waiting for my return phone call.

Update: Bob from Saturn just called. Saturn will be paying for my fuel for the day. I'm happy again.

Question: Would you be upset by this? or should I just enjoy the monster truck?

Grocery Spending:
Down to Earth Nutrition $2.48

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Anonymous said...

Nice description of having to repel down. I would not be pleased either, but it sounds like Saturn made it right. What an eye-opening experience about the difference in gas mileage.

Anonymous said...

too bad your son wasn't just a bit older so he'd remember his mom driving the Monster truck!! you better get some pictures : )

Anonymous said...

oh, I looked closer at the picture. I'm a shorty too, I would need a step ladder to get in that thing.

Minda said...

I don't think you overreacted. It's shady of the rental place to not have any other, more fuel-efficient vehicles available. But since Saturn is paying for your gas, just try to enjoy the different view from behind the wheel and above the road! :)

(By the way, just found this blog randomly, but the timing was really good as I am just about to do my bills and grocery budget for the next couple weeks.)

Amy said...

I think you should enjoy it while you have it. It is a story to tell that you will never forget - when will you ever drive another?