July 8, 2008

Less then a penny?

This has to be the most frugal thing I've ever done. Yesterday I made home laundry soap . It was so easy. Why haven't I been doing this for years? Mine actually costs less then the link provided. I was able to buy everything at Woodman's. Two gallons of soap for 61 cents. Wow! That works out to less then one penny per load! The only thing I would change next time I make a new batch is to make the powder recipe. Two gallons is a lot to store at one time.

If you have any great homemade recipes please leave me a comment!

Grocery Spending:
Woodman's $27.19
Festival Foods $34.01
ShopKo Express $12.78 ($10 was cash for tonight's baby sitter)

McDonald's (husband) $3.57
Kwik Trip $4.47

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Anonymous said...

I've done that too! I really like how it left a fresh scent on the clothes instead of a heavy fragrance.

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment!
If you can drive, you can sew. It's really gratifying to create stuff... and really frustrating when it doesn't work. But I'm supposed to be encouraging you, aren't I? :c)
I'm so impressed with your own laundry soap. Less than a penny--Wow!

Amy said...

Great homemade recipes? Personally, no - but here is one from a friend that you may be interested in:

"Reuseable Homemade Dryer Sheets

Flannel pieces
4 TBS liquid softener
10 TBS water

* Cut fabric sheets from old flannel pajamas or leftover flannel fabric from sewing and cut into 3″ x 5″ strips (approximately). Stack flannel strips in a cleaned margarine tub (large size) or plastic container (cleaned baby wipes container works well too). Mix the liquid softener and water together, then pour evenly over top of stacked flannel strips. Seal container and shake well. You can use several dozen strips with this mixture. Leave sealed for 2 or 3 days, then use one flannel strip per load–squeeze out excess if necessary (it should be just damp). Keep container sealed at all times. Wash strips after use, then use again to make another batch when needed.


Take an old towel and soak it in liquid fabric softener. Wring it out good, pour the liquid fabric softener back into the bottle and let the towel dry before using. Cut into sheets. This "sheet" should last you at least 40 loads of laundry. One bottle of liquid fabric softener should last years."

letterstoelijah said...

Thanks Amy! Cool ideas!

By the way, I've been using my new laundry soap all week. I'm very please with the results. Everything is coming out fresh and clean!