July 4, 2008


Sorry Eli, no chicken nuggets this month!

I have been really inspired by a lot of the blogs I read on a daily basis this month so far. There are a few, smallnotebook.org for example, that are having July be a no spending month! Wow! That blows my mind. I admit it.. I'm so not ready for that! What I am ready for is to get some control back on my grocery budget. When I say my grocery budget it's a really loose term. It's really the "catch all" category of our household budget. We don't give ourselves a category of gifts, clothes, oil changes, meds or going out to the movies. All that "stuff" comes out of my grocery budget. This budget is $1000 a month. Seems like a lot, right? Well I got over it by atleast 15% each month.

This month I plan to share with you details of my "grocery budget" - plus I'd welcome any comments to get this under control.

I will list daily any grocery spending. As a bonus - I'm also going to commit to no fast food restaurants in the month of July! I know that will be a great start!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a bold move to post your daily spending. It's pretty great for accountability, right?

Lane was confused the other day when we walked by the Starbucks and didn't go in.