July 30, 2008

Update: The summer to-do list

The Summer to do list

As soon as school ended for Sara I was inspired to do a summer check list. It was one of the best decisions all summer! Sara has been so excited to check things off her list. If I hear "I'm bored" I suggest she goes to her list to find something to do. We will so do this again next year. I'm guessing that Eli will be old enough to also have his own list.

Camping at Lake Lundgren

Sara took theater and drama during summer school. She's the bright one with the orange hat!

The list states"wash the cars" - I was hoping it was going to be my car!

Here is what Sara has left on the list:

have a sleepover
neville museum
fly a kite
disney world
visit grandma (with gas prices I'm not sure if this is going to happen)
ice cream sundae night
game night
clean garage

This morning we are off to the movies!


Amy said...

This is a really neat idea! I will steal it as soon as my son is old enough to enjoy it. (That is if I remember.)

letterstoelijah said...

Hey Amy...
If your son is too young to read - you can always cut out pictures from magazines of things he wants to do. (or if you are really good - you can draw them) It was fun to learn what was on Sara's list. I was surprised she wanted to clean the garage!

Sharon said...

This is a great idea! My younger two are 12 and 11 and they would have a lot of fun coming up with ideas...not sure I could get them to Disney World...:)

letterstoelijah said...


I'm going to be posting soon about our trip to Disney World. My Mother is taking the whole family. All I have to pay for is spending money. There is no way I could take the kids if it wasn't for my Mom!

I think we are going to be doing this list every summer!

Anonymous said...

this is a wonderful way to make the summer special for her (and you!).