August 8, 2008

An easy gift

A friend from church had a baby recently and I wanted to stop by. Never wanting to arrived empty handed I brought a little plate of Rice Krispie squares for her other 3 children. Bringing over a treat doesn't always have to cost a lot. A little thought and pretty presentation go a long way.

What are some other simple gifts you can give that say I care, or I miss you, or Feel better soon?

1. homemade jam - did you just make jam this summer? - what a sweet gift and you already have them on hand. I've given away 4 jars of strawberry jam this summer!

2. Vegetables from your garden - you couldn't possibly eat all those cucumbers and tomatoes on your own! Maybe add your favorite recipe for veggie soup.

3. A photo gift - I love to give photo gifts! They can be very frugal too! Here is an example of how to take an plain frame and customize it.

4. Time - this doesn't cost you anything! Bring over a movie and some popcorn and spend some fun time together. In the case of my friend that had the baby I will be taking some of her older children to the park next week to give the Mom some well needed rest.

What are some thoughtful, simple gifts that you give?

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