August 6, 2008

The guy with the big ears!

Later this month I'm going to do one of the most un-frugal things you can do in America. I'm taking my kids to Disney World. Let me correct that - my Mom is taking myself and the kids to Disney World. If it wasn't for my Mom taking us, the kids would have to wait until they were adults and pay for it themselves!

So how does one do Disney frugal? (is it legal to put Disney and frugal in the same sentence?) I think it's going to be one of those times when I won't be frugal. Naturally there are going to be some souvenirs.

The exciting part is all I have to pay for is spending money. Everything is included. But the best part is my sister from Canada and my sister from Texas will be joining us too! Today my sister sent these luggage tags. Don't they make you smile?

Any of you been to Disney World? Any advice?
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