August 14, 2008

Six Sites to Use as a Research Tool

You need information.. where do you go? The yellow pages, an encyclopedia, the library? No way.. that's so last century!

The internet can be a great source of entertainment - but even better, it's an excellent resource tool for me.

Here are 6 sites I use as a resource tool on a (almost) daily basis: If you know me at all you know that I'm a little OCD when it comes to the weather. The fact that there is no hurricane that is scheduled to be called Dana in the next 6 years is very disturbing to me. Just a little bitter :)

All Recipes This site is invaluable to me! It works best when you create an account. You can save recipes, write notes on recipes, and get the nutritional information. You can search for recipes based on the ingredients you have on hand, you can post photos and upload your own recipes. I currently have over 6 pages of recipes! This site does it all!

Drudge Report
I'll let you know right now... I am not a liberal. I find sites like cnn or msnbc for news to lean a bit too far to the left for me. The Drudge finds the news for me. It's a news aggregation website. This way my news comes from more then one source.

My Public Library Most public libraries now have web sites. There's tons of information that you should research before you get into your car. At my library you can view your account online - see the due dates for your material and renew them (no late fees!) You can also reserve material. If my branch doesn't carry the item they ship it for free to my branch and call me when it has arrived! That's your tax money in action! So before you buy another book at amazon check your local library's web site to see if they carry it.

Two Peas in a Bucket This is one of my favorite craft sites. I use this site as a research tool for inspiration. Usually once, or if I'm lucky twice, a year I go away for a craft weekend. These weekends really recharge my batteries! Before I go I decide what I'm going to accomplish. I print my pictures then I go to Two Peas and get inspired! Two areas that I enjoy most on this site is the gallery where you can search by materials used (ie. ribbons, brads etc) or size (8 x 8 or 12 x 12) or caterogy (ie. graduations or babies) and the bulletin board where I can read about products and ideas. Check it out!

YouTube I know what you are thinking.. You Tube for research? You bet! I'm amazed at how much awesome information is at this site! A few weeks ago I bought a fresh pineapple. I watched multiple videos how to cut one! My husband, Jim, has used it to help him with his college algebra classes. (He's learned more on youtube then his textbook) I caught Amy over at The Mother Load showing us how to choose a coffee maker. Don't you wish you came up with the idea for YouTube?

I have many more sites bookmarked that I use as a research tool, including Wikipedia, Google Images, Bible GateWay, Google Analytics, and Flickr. I am thankful everyday to have access to the internet! Do you use your computer as a tool? What sites do you visit daily?


Amy said...

The internet is a great research tool. You have to be careful about your sources - but as long as you visit a reputable site than the information you collect should be just as reputable.

Esther said...

I so agree with you! I am convinced that one of the least used resources in this country is the public library. We rent movies for free, through the library! I also LOVE Google!