August 11, 2008

Why not Sara?

I have two beautiful children, Sara, age 8 and Elijah, age 3. While in my 20's no one thought I would have any children. Even my parents were surprised that I became a Mom. No one saw me as the mothering type. After I met my husband Jim I knew I was going to be a Mom :)

I get asked a fair amount why is my blog called Letters to Elijah? Why not call it Letters to Sara?

After having Sara in 1999 I thought I was done having children - that one would be enough. In 2000 I fell in love with the craft of scrapbooking. I did all my scrapbooks chronologically - I didn't have separate school books or Christmas books as some people do. I thought I was going to have only one child she would inherite the books. God had different plans. (and isn't His plan always better!)

Fast forward 5 years - along came Eli. While pregnant I started to stress - What am I going to do with these books? How can I cut them in half for two children? That is when the idea for a blog came about and the birth of Letters to Elijah.

So when all is said and done Eli gets the blog and Sara gets the books.... and no more children.

How do you preserve your family memories? How will you pass them on to your children?

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Amy said...

I preserve my family memories through photographs and video. I do have a baby book for my son, but I haven't updated it for a year! I better get with it.

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