November 10, 2008

Another healthy breakfast

If you eat cereal morning after morning it can get kind of boring.

This healthy breakfast is a great way to jazz up your cereal. Instead of adding milk - add yogurt. Have fun with all the wonderful fun flavors.

I know there are tons of extra healthy yogurts out there... but you also have to love the taste. For me that's Yoplait fat free yogurt. It's 100 calories. What I love about are all the flavors! Some of my favorites include Raspberry cheesecake, Banana cream pie, and Key Lime Pie (do you see a pie theme?)

My favorite healthy cereal is Kashi Go Lean Crunch. This stuff has 8g of fiber and 9g of protein. Does your cereal have that?

What's great about this breakfast is that Eli loves it! Go figure! The kid doesn't eat anything!

What do your kids normally eat for breakfast? I must admit - if I let them Sara and Eli would eat bacon every morning!


Esther said...

Usually my kids eat a choice of the following: cereal, waffles, or cinnamon toast. Zachie loves yogurt too, but Ethan doesn't. I've heard there are some great organic kid's cereals out there, but I can't get past the high price!

Anonymous said...

MMMMM I am gonna have to try that for myself! My little guy usually eats cream of wheat for breakfast because he tends to be a little low on the iron and COW has like 50% of your days iron in it.

Our other two boys would gladly eat honey buns morning, noon, and night if we would let them. That, and poptarts.