November 18, 2008

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Did Jesus want us to shop till we dropped on his birthday? Think about that!


Anonymous said...

You know this is an interesting question to me since we do not claim a particular religion . . .

But that doesn't mean I like all the ridiculous commercialism of the holidays!

We do not spend a lot on out 3 kids for Christmas (this year about $100 total). We wait until the hobby stores have sales and then we go pick out things they will think are cool but that are really educational projects in disguise (I am suspecting this will not work a whole lot longer on our oldest).

With my youngest son, I have the opportunity to influence more of how he sees the holiday. I know I want to start a tradition of purging his toys at Xmas (which is practically the same day as his birthday) and doing some kind of volunteer activity as a family. I want him to understand the things Christmas is supposed to be about for us (giving, love, family) as opposed to focusing entirely on his wish list.

*carrie* said...


I'm trying to find your swap post since you had a link on my blog . . . am I overlooking it?