November 24, 2008

Exactly 6 Months Later....

Six months ago, April 24 2008 we had our last snow fall here in Green Bay. There was a dusting of snow when we woke up. Six months later....

... the snow is here again. And it will last about ...six months.

Snow Flurries by Raymond A. Foss
There were snow flurries in the air today
early for my liking, snow flurries coming
in small singular spirals, falling through the air
spun by their shapes, the tug of the wind
sitting in the office, watching them tumble
by my window, pause in the conversation with client
marvel for a moment at the ballet before me
forward scouts for their brethren to follow
later in the season when fall yields to winter
soon enough they will come, in legions


Esther said...

My boys were so excited this morning--Ethan even had to get all dressed early and go play while he waited for carpool to come. Hellllo winter!

Anonymous said...

Oh man I am sooo not ready for snow! Ah!

letterstoelijah said...

Lu... either was I!! I'm going out this morning to get the kidlets their snow boots.

Anonymous said...

my kids would love some of that snow

Anonymous said...

here in the netherlands we also have snow, allready 3 days in a row!
and that is a little miracle!
i was not preparred, no rain-/snowboots in tha house....!
the kids love the snow!
tomorrow the snow will be gone, and big chance will not return this winter.
but with you the snow will be there for six months!!!!!!!??? wow!

Nancy said...

Ok, I'm so not ready for snow. We've had temps in the 50's with sun the last few days and it's been absolutely wonderful.

I just realized where you live...I assume you are a Packer's fan. We watched Packer Jordy Nelson play football in college. Now I watch the Packer's just for him.

Anonymous said...

What does the poem about?

I'm kind of confused from sentence "marvel for a moment..."

until the last sentence.

Could please translate me about them?

I really wanna know