November 16, 2008

Exercise, fresh air and some treasure hunting!

A little while ago we had a beautiful day here in Wisconsin. With winter coming soon - you take advantage of every nice day you get!

I took the kids letter boxing at a local park. Letter boxing is modern treasure hunting. You get a map and directions to find a box. The box was basically a Rubbermaid box with a secure lid and duct taped in camouflage tape. Inside the box is a notebook and a rubber stamp.

Elijah, helping with the map.

You bring with you a notebook, rubber stamp and an ink pad. Once you find the box you stamp your notebook with the stamp you found and stamp their notebook with the stamp you brought.

Sara finding her first box.

It's really cool to look at the notebook found inside the box. It has all different stamps, people's signature and the date they signed. (our book was over 2 years old!) Once the stamping is done you hide the box again where you found it. (ie. under the rock beneath the oak tree 50 paces east of the river)

Letter Boxing is a great way get some fresh air and enjoy God's beauty. (Plus - it's free!) It teaches kids how to read a map and use it in real life situations. When we got to the park Sara, didn't know which direction north was. I taught her how knowing the time of day and where the sun is can help with knowing which direction you are going. She even used my little trick to help remember North, East, South and West: N = Never, E = Eat, S = Shredded, W = Wheat.

So before winter hits your area learn how to letterbox. It's a lot of fun!
If you have older kids check geocatching!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness my kids would love that! oh fun. thank you for sharing!!

Esther said...

Sounds like fun! Where in the area was that?

letterstoelijah said...

We went to Pamperin Park.. hwy 29 and 41.

Giraffe Spender said...


That sounds like a blast! I'll have to see if there's something like that here....

Also, you might enjoy the newest post on my 101 list. You know, being a Matthew West fan and all...


Giraffe Spender said...


THANK YOU so much for this information! I went to the site and the kids and I went on a "treasure hunt" (with notebook & stamp in hand)

We stayed in our own city, but saw a part of it we never would have seen!

Even Goose got excited as he pulled the "vegetation" back and saw the "sewage pipe" which was planted for others to find.

On of the most exciting discoveries was the book was stamped by someone from League City, TX - where Grandma & Grandpa live!!

It was a unanimous vote: we are going to plant a letterbox near the boat dock where my in-loves (in-laws) live. Thanks again for sharing!!