November 7, 2008

Extra Healthy Breakfast

Lately I've been pretending trying to eat healthy. Like the professionals say, start with a good breakfast.

This has been my "usual" this past week.

*Fat Free Hot Chocolate -25 calories I don't drink coffee - and this is so yummy!
*Natural Ovens Weight Sense toast -100 calories for 2 slices
*Laughing Cow light cheese - I spread it like cream cheese -35 calories per wedge.
*Hard boiled egg - I eat the whites only - 17 calories. I know it doesn't look picture worthy, but I just cut it up on put it on the toast.
*1/2 grapefruit -54 calories

Just the facts:

calories: 230
fat: 2.7g
carbs: 36g
protein: 14g

32% of RDA protein
27% of RDA fiber
11% of RDA vitamin A
76% of RDA vitamin C
34% of RDA calcium

What did you have for breakfast?
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