November 6, 2008

Facebook Ad Campaign

I am such a geek... but to me.. this is fun!

First, a little background. My new job is really cool - however, it's taking away lots of blogging time.

A big part of my job is working with social media - such as facebook and myspace. I'm currently working on fan pages on facebook. To promote these pages I'm also doing some advertising on facebook.

As I'm learning how all of this works I decide I something to test with. hmmmm.... what web site do I have to test with? :) I decided that Letters to Elijah, my blog, would make a great tester!

It's pretty easy to set up an ad - design the ad, set up the parameters (including demographics) and budget and away you go!

You can set your ad up two ways - you pay for when someone clicks on your ad or when someone views your ad. I'm testing both ways. I've had tons of view - over 500 and 3 click through so far - and it's cost me under $1

I know - I'm a bit of a geek :)

What are your geeky habits?

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