December 19, 2008

I didn't ask for that!

Today at Eli's preschool Santa came to visit! This was Eli's first time ever seeing Santa (I try to avoid the malls at this time of the year) He though it was cool that he came to life!

Eli sat on Santa's knee and told him that he wanted a Wall-E toy for Christmas. After each child got to sit on Santa's knee he gave him a present. Each child received a a book! Eli turned to me and said - "I told Santa I wanted a Wall-E toy, why did he give me this stupid book?" I need to teach Eli to be more grateful - but I understand his logic :)
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Esther said...

That's so funny! I love kid logic.

Lorie said...

Kids...gotta love 'em! :o0

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Dana! stay warm and safe