August 12, 2008

"Martyr Mom" gets good advice from fellow blogger

Sometimes I consider myself a Martyr Mom. I sometimes disguise it also as being a control freak. A martyr Mom is always willing to saciface what she wants to make others in her family happy. I now know it's not really about making making everyone happy - it's just to stop them from complaining as much. As Dr Phil would ask: How's that workin' for ya? Not really Dr. - in fact not at all.

This is not healthy and really doesn't help anyone - it certainly doesn't help me.

Last week I started to read a terrific new series at Simple Mom entitled The 6 Keys to a Disorganized, Unproductive Day at Home. Tip #2 was Neglect Yourself This post had my name all ever it.

Too often I put myself at the at the end of the food change in the King household. I honestly think it makes me a better Mom. How messed up is that? I understand the concept of "if Momma ain't happy, nobody happy" but feeling guilty if I put myself before others. I find it hard to balance being a good Mom and being selfish.

I asked myself - how can I not neglect myself today. Here is what I came up with - get out of the house, alone. Get my hair cut! I went to a wonderful new Aveda spa that opened up the street. I can not tell how wonderful the smell of their products are. There is nothing like it! The massaged my head as she shampooed it. The whole thing took almost an hour and a half! It was pretty close to heaven on earth for me.

Too often I wait to cut my hair, buy new shoes, or go out for lunch with a friend. The rest of the family does these things. They will survive with out me, right?

Do you neglect yourself? How do you give yourself some "me" time?


Amy said...

I have been following this series, also. It truly is great advice. Yes, I do neglect myself. But I am trying best to my financial ability to change the behavior.

Anonymous said...

I found an Aveda spa near by too. I am considering a visit there soon, after the bills are paid, clothes for back to school are bought, school supplies purchased, and debt paid down.

hmmmm, maybe I should re-prioritize!

letterstoelijah said...

I'm guessing that heaven smells like an Aveda spa!

So do you like the new hair color... a little red :)

Anonymous said...

yes, I like!

you'd be so proud. I am due some extra money from work. Without hesitation, I booked an appointment at the Aveda spa near me for my daughters and I to go to get a nice haircut.

we've been going to a gal that cuts out of her house. She's great, but it is not the same. She talks on the phone, yells at her son and it is just kinda crazy.

I'm really looking forward to this but now have to cancel my appointment with our usual gal. She's not going to be happy : (
oh, well.

letterstoelijah said...

That's awesome! It's so relaxing! You will have to send picture of the finished product!