August 2, 2008

No Clerk Required

It's been a few months since I have purposely changed my life to become more frugal. Naturally, that meant staying away from the mall. Apparently I've been away a little while longer then I thought.

No clerk required here! There was a Proactive vending machine! All you had to do was swipe your credit card and chose the item you wanted.

I wonder if the machine put your product in a bag.

I wonder if you can return it.

Have you seen odd vending machines? or do I just not get out much? :)


Meredith said...

You're getting to the mall more often than I am, then, because I didn't even know they sold Proactive at malls!

Good idea, though--it probably saves a lot of money not having to staff a kiosk.

Sharon said...

Now that is certainly odd...Wow. It's almost as bad as the self checkout at Home Depot or BJ's....

letterstoelijah said...

Sharon, I know all about home depot - but what is BJ's?

Amy said...

The only unusual vending machines I have noticed are for video rentals. Never used it, but my sister does. Sure does reduce the cost of doing business, no employees, and unfortunately means lost jobs.