October 7, 2008


Since we have reduced our family to one vehicle I have been challenged to maintain the same social schedule as before.

I am not able to attend our woman's bible study at church because of our current car situation. I thought God may have a different plan for me. I thought maybe He was challenging me to start a new bible study.

I went bold. I asked Elijah's preschool teacher if I could put a note in the children's back packs asking if they were interested in a bible study. The teacher was excited and thought it was a great idea.

It read: Want something fun to do while your child is in preschool? Let's start a bible study. If interested call Eli's Mom, Dana at (insert phone number)

That was almost 2 weeks ago. No one responded. Not one. I was disappointed.

Elijah attends a Christian preschool. I have to assume that a majority of these parents are Christian. There are 20 kids in his class. Was it wrong for me to assume that 2 or 3 Moms would be interested. But not one.

What's wrong with this? Do these Moms practice their faith only on Sundays? Could they just be shy? I thought this would be easy.

Don't most woman attend a bible study? Do you?

yesterday's soda intake: none :)
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