October 2, 2008

October Challenge: Reduce Soda

I really like the idea of having a focus each month - a challenge, if you will. In July I did a no fast food month. That was a huge challenge! Overall, I was amazed at the success our family had.

This month I'm going to try to reduce my soda intake.

No Soda. For me, this is huge!
I admit - there are many days where I will have up 3 or 4 cans of coke - and not diet coke either. I'm not saying that I'm cutting it out all together - but I am going to make a big effort to scale back.

So what am I going to replace it with? Here's the plan:

tea (the caffeine will help)
crystal light drinks
orange juice
and probably of Tylenol to help with the caffeine headaches!

I will be accountable to you. I will post daily what soda, if any, that I drink.

Wish me luck!

yesterday's soda intake: none :)


Nancy said...

Oh, you are a brave girl. At some point in my life I scaled back on the soda intake. For years now I do one a day (in the morning) and only on weekends allow myself to have a 2nd one. I'm a big diet coke fan. When hubby and I met he would drink a 6-pack of regular coke a day. Over the course of 17 years now he's down to 2 diet cokes each day. Occassionally, due to his work schedule, he has a Mt. Dew so he can keep his eyes open.
Have you tried Lipton's instant peach tea? I love that stuff. Minute Maid's frozen raspberry lemonade is pretty yummy too.

Esther said...

Good luck! I've found that the best way to drink less pop is not to buy it! If it's in the house, I drink it. If not, well, you're smart enough to figure out that conclusion.

Anonymous said...

you can do it!

i agree with e, z and e's mom - i don't buy it so that solves that.

let's not talk about my coffee addiction though

letterstoelijah said...

Nancy.. frozen raspberry lemonade sounds really good (would it be wrong to add vodka? - he he)

Denise - I've never tried coffee - weird, eh?

I'm going to try not to buy any for the house - if it's here I WILL drink it. I might buy a small bottle once in a while or maybe a fountain soda. I love fountain soda.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dana. This is a big one for me. I go through days of drinking more or less soda, and it's hard to not drink it when it's in the house. Good challenge.

Anonymous said...


I used to be a HUGE soda drinker (like you, not diet!) and now I almost never drink soda. The change was hard to make but very worth it in the end - and now I don't even miss it, and if I do get a soda from time to time it is like a treat.

My advice is try to drink as much water as possible. Once your body gets used to having more water you will crave water over other drinks. This is good for your health and also has the added benefit of being calorie free without the use of scary chemicals.

Good luck!

Sunny D said...

As you know I have stopped drinking all caffeine - I miss my Tim's that's for sure.

You can do this - I found that I miss the carbination the most - and yes the sweet joy only Coke can give!:) But i have found that sparkling water or club soda with lime or even lime Crytal Light is very refreshing and gives me the carbination I love so.

Best of luck Blondie