September 2, 2008

Advice for visiting Walt Disney World

5 Ways to keep cool in Disney World in the Summer
Part 1 of a 4 part series on tips for visiting Walt Disney World

Traveling to Disney World in the summer is ... well... to put it nicely.. IT'S CRAZY! It's hot - crazy hot! Here are a list of 5 things you can do to cool down at Disney. I traveled from August 24-29th - it average over 100 degrees and humidity!

1. Invest in a fan/mister bottle. These are available at most drug stores for under $10. Currently Disney World sells them for $17 - trust me, in the heat you don't care how much they are! Also invest in a clip-on fan. They are great for strollers! I got mine on clearance at CVS before we left for $3.50 Don't forget extra batteries for these items. The batteries will last 1-2 days.

2. Wear a cooling bandana. I had never heard of these things - my sister that lives in Texas found a place that sells them. You soak them in ice water (we used the tub in the hotel room) for 20 minutes. They stay cold all day. They are better then an ice pack!

Grandma wearing a cooling bandana

3. Stay hydrated! All around Disney World are places to purchase cool drinks right out of a tub. The cool beverages are surrounded by chunks of ice! Ice is your best friend in this heat. Don't be afraid to hang on to for a while :) Cost = Free ...and you know how I feel about that!!! :)
Try to stay away from caffeinated beverages - water is best. Don't forget to push the liquids on the little ones too! Elijah craved water the whole trip. Water at Disney World is $2 per bottle. There are also water fountains available - however, the water is room temperature.

My niece with the "magic ice ball"

4. Wherever there is a place you can get wet: take advantage of it! All over Disney are sprayers and misters. Have fun with it. Don't worry about getting wet - you'll be dried by the heat in no time!

5. If you are a male - get a cool hair cut! I wonder if they wear their hair like this all the time? :)

I asked these Disney guests if I could take their picture - they loved the attention!

Bonus Tip to keep Cool at Disney World: Go in the Winter :)


Giraffe Spender said...

Dana -
Great advise!! =)

And it looks to be that Sara's wounds are healing nicely. How's she feeling?


Esther said...

hehehe...loved your bonus tip!

Amy said...

I agree with the bonus tip, too - also nice that there are less people!

I read through all four parts of your advice. Excellent suggestions. We make a day out of Disney typically three to four days a month. Gives me exercise.

I hope that you enjoyed your trip!