August 18, 2008


Last night they struck again... who? BAMBI!

Every night I've been faithful "putting my pumpkins to bed" with a little TLC - aka soapy water. Last night I sprayed my soon to turn orange fall delight around the perimeter of the patch.. but not directly on the pumpkins themselves. Notice in the photo the deer actually had the nerve to move the pumpkins over to take advantage of their young flesh. I'm just grief stricken!
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~Caroline~ said...

Oh no, not again! My mom is going to loan me one of her wire dog fences to set up around my pumpkin patch. Your patch is so much farther along than mine! I just got my first pumpkins yet! I wonder if I planted them too late?

letterstoelijah said...

It may not be too late - where do you live? I live in Green Bay and we had frost just after labor day last year.
I won't be doing pumpkins next year - too much stress!