September 4, 2008

Advice for Visiting Walt Disney World

Advice for being Frugal in Disney World
Part 3 of a 4 part series on my trip to Disney

Yes, I just put the words frugal and Disney in the same title! Disney is a world of temptation - spending can get out of control very quickly. However, I have put together a few tips to save you a few coins.

1/ All Star Resorts Boy, has Disney changed since I was there last - back in the early 80's. There are numerous resorts on the property! Prices can be as high as $1,140 per night! But don't give up so soon - introducing All Star Resorts - prices start at $82 per night. We stayed at the All Star Movies and loved it!!

2/ Souvenir Cups - $12.49 As soon as you get to your resort grab one of the great souvenirs! Refill with your favourite beverage (soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate) all through your stay. Cut costs down by sharing one :) The only con to these cups is you can only refill them at a resort not at the parks.

3/ Free Souvenir Buttons 1st time to Disney? Stop off at City Hall and get a free button! They also give away buttons if it's your birthday or part of a grand gathering (6 or more in your party), or celebrating an anniversary! Loving the free stuff!

4/ Disney Dining Plan - This is not just frugal - it will actually make your vacation more enjoyable! Currently, with the dining plan you get one snack, one counter service (order your food, then find a seat) and one table service meal (sit down with a waiter) per day. Trust me, I LOVE to eat and this is more then enough food!! Drinks and dessert are also included in your meals. You will save 30% by purchasing the dining plan. This plan will also buy you freedom! Freedom to order what you want with not looking at the price - now that's a real vacation!
if you have any questions on the Disney Dining Plan please leave me a comment - I know this thing like the back of my hand!

5/ Disney Transportation - Transportation frugal? You betcha! There is NO need for a rental car when you stay at a Disney resort. A Disney bus picked us up at the airport in Orlando. Buses run all the time between the resorts and parks. A bus then takes you back to the airport. No worries! - and the best part? it's all free! Just think - you saved on the rental car, gas and parking! Loving it!

toy version of the Disney buses - great souvenir for $7.95

6/ You want it? Ask for it! Overall, the employees at Disney seem to have one mission - make sure you are impressed with their service. Maybe I was just lucky - but every time I asked for something I pretty much got it. (cool!)

Here are a few examples:
The cash register wasn't working right when my sister went to buy a bottle of water so the employee gave it to her.
The day before we checked out we asked if they could take the fridge back that was in our room (it was $10 per day rental) the lady said it was no problem but that she would just leave the fridge there and not charge us.
I didn't want dessert for my lunch - so I was given an extra beverage (bottles of orange juice normally sell for $2.69 each!)

Being at Disney World can easily be a drain on your wallet! It doesn't have to be. Don't let your frugal habits go on vacation too!

Did you go on vacation this summer?

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Anonymous said...

Great advice! The "All Star" resorts are not only less expensive but they can even be more fun than the more pricey resorts.

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