September 9, 2008

Paint is Awesome!!

Kitchen Before: First time painting my kitchen. I hated the stenciled border when we moved into the house back in 2003
Kitchen After: my kitchen with a fresh sage colour (next summer I hope to tackle the cupboards)

Front Hallway Before: nasty wall paper and 70's paneling.
Front Hallway After: paint with a bright hay colour. (we also have a new front door, transom window and light fixture - someday the floor with come too)

Before Bathroom: nasty 80's wallpaper
Bathroom Before: that wall paper took forever to take off!!!
Bathroom cupboards before and after: have to love paint!

Bathroom After: love the new colour!


Wendi said...

Your after pictures look great! I agree, paint is awesome.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. The grapes I grew are Concord. They are easy to grow. We planted them three years ago next to a fence. I have helped them weave through the fence to train them a few times, but other then not I have done nothing.

You do have to be patient. This is the third year for our vine and our first harvest.

Esther said...

Looks very nice! Home Improvements are very satisfying, I think. Go Pack!

Sharon said...

You've been busy! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Nice renovations! I looovvveeee the way it feels to be in a new, fresh room!

Anonymous said...

Love the paint colors you have picked for all the rooms...light and fresh and NO WALLPAPER! I know wallpaper can be done well...but most times it's not. Great job on the home improvements and kudos for doing it yourself!