September 9, 2008

One Car Family

Effective Wednesday, Sept 3 we became a one car family. So how has our life changed?

Today was really the first day that had a huge impact. Today I needed the car. Up until today I stayed at home with Elijah during the day with no car. I was actually impressed that I wasn't bothered to have no wheels. I just kept thinking of all the money I was saving.

Being a one car family means being organized - not something my husband would say I'm good at. For me, being organized means writing to do lists.

Here is what I did today:

-took Jim to work w/ kids
-got Sara ready for school - and on the bus by 8:11am
-usual morning routine
-went to ShopKo Express to print pictures needed for Eli's preschool
-CVS shopping
-gas and washed the car
-went to library to return books
-went to local Christian radio station to claim my prize that I won :)
-returned home -made lunch
-usual afternoon cleaning
-went to Eli's preschool open house
-drove home to pick up Sara from the bus (and to quickly get changed into my work clothes)
-immediately left to pick up Jim from work w/ kids
-Jim dropped me off at work on the way home
-worked 5-10pm

Wow, what a day! I don't like busy days. Usually my days are much simpler!

So how was your day? busy? or simple?
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