September 5, 2008

Advice for Visiting Walt Disney World

Awards Edition
part 4 of a 4 part series

Here is where I hand out some fun awards on my trip to Walt Disney World

Best 3D Movie Award- Disney has lots of 3D Movies at each park. My a favorite goes to Mickey's PhilharMagic . This movie is just plain fun with all your favorite Disney characters, staring my favorite - Donald Duck. Some of the 3D Movies at Disney can be a little scary for little ones and some adults - this one is just fun!

Best Table Service Meal Award - there are over 100 restaurants at Disney World so this award is a little biased since I'm basing it on just the 5 table service meals that I had. Considering food, service and atmosphere the award goes to The Coral Reef, located at Epcot. And I don't like seafood!! I had the steak - and it was the best I've ever had! Wow! The atmosphere is fun and relaxing.

Best Quick Service Meal Award- there are lots of choices here - but I loved (shockingly) the cafeteria style quick service at our resort, All Star Movies. They had a huge selection of food. There is something for everyone! They are open from 5am till midnight! We ate the phillycheese steak sandwich, make your own salad, spaghetti w/ meatballs. For breakfast we ate waffles, chocolate chip pancakes, eggs - the list goes on. It was a little busy there - but they are very organized.

Best Family Ride Award - Kali Rapid Rivers This is the only thing we did at Disney twice it was fun - but we also got soaking wet and we were hot! Why the family ride award? because we all loved it, including my 66 year old mother, a typical 15 year old teenager and my 3 year son. That's a hard crowd to please :)
Kali Rapid Rivers gets a second award too! Best line-up deception award! The line-up winds you through beautiful rooms that make you feel you are in Nepal. They deceive you thinking you are almost at the front of the line - then.. you are in another room. Overall - the wait was so worth it!
Here are some of the photos while we were in the "line-up of deception". This just gives you a small idea of the deception.

While in line I even learned that I could take movies on my camera! I will obviously need more practice but wanted to share with all of you.

Cutest Eli Moment Award - Experiencing Eli with a monster size rainbow sucker - and then falling asleep with it stuck to his shirt. Boy, he loved that sucker!

Overall Award - this was easy - hands down - Disney Transportation! Once we arrived at Orlando airport we easily found the Disney buses. Within 10 minutes we were on a bus ride to Disney. Big comfy seats! Our luggage was delivered inside our room within hours of our arrival (pack your bathing suit in your carry-on!). At our resort there were multiple bus stops to to take us to all the parks. I was easily able to bring my stroller onto all the buses.

It was the trip back to the airport on our last day that I was most impressed. When I woke up, hanging on my door were myboarding passes to the plane. They couldn't make things easier. I brought my luggage down to the bus loading area. They checked my bags right there - at the resort! No line up at the airport!
Coming both to and from the airport great movies are played on the buses.

Disney - you have this transportation thing all figured out! As Eli would say, "that was awesome!"

Disney was a fun (but tiring) trip. We have some great memories.
Thanks Grandma for a great trip - it really was a trip of a lifetime!
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