September 5, 2008

Advice for Visiting Walt Disney World

Awards Edition
part 4 of a 4 part series

Here is where I hand out some fun awards on my trip to Walt Disney World

Best 3D Movie Award- Disney has lots of 3D Movies at each park. My a favorite goes to Mickey's PhilharMagic . This movie is just plain fun with all your favorite Disney characters, staring my favorite - Donald Duck. Some of the 3D Movies at Disney can be a little scary for little ones and some adults - this one is just fun!

Best Table Service Meal Award - there are over 100 restaurants at Disney World so this award is a little biased since I'm basing it on just the 5 table service meals that I had. Considering food, service and atmosphere the award goes to The Coral Reef, located at Epcot. And I don't like seafood!! I had the steak - and it was the best I've ever had! Wow! The atmosphere is fun and relaxing.

Best Quick Service Meal Award- there are lots of choices here - but I loved (shockingly) the cafeteria style quick service at our resort, All Star Movies. They had a huge selection of food. There is something for everyone! They are open from 5am till midnight! We ate the phillycheese steak sandwich, make your own salad, spaghetti w/ meatballs. For breakfast we ate waffles, chocolate chip pancakes, eggs - the list goes on. It was a little busy there - but they are very organized.

Best Family Ride Award - Kali Rapid Rivers This is the only thing we did at Disney twice it was fun - but we also got soaking wet and we were hot! Why the family ride award? because we all loved it, including my 66 year old mother, a typical 15 year old teenager and my 3 year son. That's a hard crowd to please :)
Kali Rapid Rivers gets a second award too! Best line-up deception award! The line-up winds you through beautiful rooms that make you feel you are in Nepal. They deceive you thinking you are almost at the front of the line - then.. you are in another room. Overall - the wait was so worth it!
Here are some of the photos while we were in the "line-up of deception". This just gives you a small idea of the deception.

While in line I even learned that I could take movies on my camera! I will obviously need more practice but wanted to share with all of you.

Cutest Eli Moment Award - Experiencing Eli with a monster size rainbow sucker - and then falling asleep with it stuck to his shirt. Boy, he loved that sucker!

Overall Award - this was easy - hands down - Disney Transportation! Once we arrived at Orlando airport we easily found the Disney buses. Within 10 minutes we were on a bus ride to Disney. Big comfy seats! Our luggage was delivered inside our room within hours of our arrival (pack your bathing suit in your carry-on!). At our resort there were multiple bus stops to to take us to all the parks. I was easily able to bring my stroller onto all the buses.

It was the trip back to the airport on our last day that I was most impressed. When I woke up, hanging on my door were myboarding passes to the plane. They couldn't make things easier. I brought my luggage down to the bus loading area. They checked my bags right there - at the resort! No line up at the airport!
Coming both to and from the airport great movies are played on the buses.

Disney - you have this transportation thing all figured out! As Eli would say, "that was awesome!"

Disney was a fun (but tiring) trip. We have some great memories.
Thanks Grandma for a great trip - it really was a trip of a lifetime!


Anonymous said...

I hope you never delete this blog. Because, if and when we ever make it to Disney World I am going to read your advice again.

don't you just love grandmas who treat you to trips! We have been on the receiving end of trips paid by G&G too.

Mrs. B said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming by my blog today! I've never been to Disney World, but I've been to Disneyland many times and I love it! I know Disney World is a lot bigger. My kids would love to go there!

Yep, I'm a huge American Idol fan! I saw them at the beginning of the tour in Sacramento and I loved it. I actually went early and got to briefly meet a few of the Idols including David Cook, my favorite. I went on and on about it on my blog for a few days. I think all my readers got really sick of it, lol! Hope you enjoyed the concert too!

Oh, and no, my son's room is almost never that clean. It's only clean now because we just got finished putting everything away after redoing the floor!

Esther said...

Sounds like a great trip. We plan to take the kiddos there when Emma is old enough to remember the princesses :-) Thanks for the tips!