September 11, 2008

Wow, that's BIG!

I don't take a multi-vitamin. But everyone says I should.

A few weeks back I ordered a free sample of Nature-Made "multi for her" I received a 2 weeks supply. I figure I will give this a try. Try it for 2 weeks and see how I feel after I stop taking it. If I notice a difference maybe I'll start taking a daily mulit-vitamin - maybe even the brand that I'm trying.

I open up the bottle this morning - excited that I'm starting to try to take better care of myself . Shock.. holy cow! Look at the size of these things! Am I just weak or is this normal? It took me two tries to swallow this pill. I gagged the first time.

Compare the size of this pill and a penny.

Since this was a trial size bottle I assumed that Nature Made would want my opinion on these vitamins. I called the 1-800 number from the back of the bottle. I suggested why not split the pill (you can't cut this - it's a liquid softgel) and have the consumer take two pills a day. They made me seem like I was the minority. Nature Made said that the consumer would rather take one horse pill then two pills a day.

Well I guess I won't be buying those...

Do you take a multi vitamin? Is it a horse pill?


Anonymous said...

that is a huge pill for sure. I go through times where I take a multi and omegas but for some reason I am very forgetful about taking them.

one thing I do suggest - never take vitamins on an empty stomach. trust me from experience.

Anonymous said...

I take Women's one a day and it's not that big! Nature Made is wrong...I wouldn't want to swallow a horse pill everyday! TFS!

Esther said...

Oh honey, I can take a handful. I have an inborn quality that I get from my grandma to swallow tons of pills at a time. Sheesh, makes me sound like a pill popper, doesn't it? I take a multivitamin, a calcium, a vitamin C, a prescription, and an asprin every day. At the same time. Go me!

Anonymous said...

You should try Super Mom vitamins. Then you could take TWO horse pills a day.
I love them.