October 23, 2008

Does anyone still iron?

My Mom is visiting us from Canada. (Thus my lack of blog posts lately) Yesterday she asked if I had an iron. A what? Oh I have one of those, I replied, but you'll have to dust it off!

I honestly don't remember the last time I ironed. We've been in this house for 5 years and I know I haven't used it since we've moved. I showed Eli the iron and asked him what it was and he thought it was a spaceship!

My Mom loves to iron - I caught her yesterday ironing her pajamas! Who does that? She says ironing is relaxing.

Do you still iron? Do you know where your iron is?


Anonymous said...

yes! the most clothes really need to be ironned.
or we look really gekreukeld!
don't know the englisch word! ;)
I don't use a dryer but the clothes dry on the lines.
I agree: ironning is indead relaxing

Anonymous said...

oh, but I don't iron the pyama's!
haha, only our clothes!

Sharon said...

I love the look of ironed clothes, so YES we iron, and we have a top of the line Rowenta!

Anonymous said...

I am terrible with an iron (how can you add MORE wrinkles by ironing???). SLB does all the ironing in our family and I must say, he really kicks butt at ironing.

Esther said...

I only iron clothes that I wear to church. Otherwise, the iron is only used for sewing.
Your mom reminds me of my grandma. She ironed EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING. Sheets, pillowcases, underwear, BRAS. EVERYTHING. Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Giraffe Spender said...


What a great post! My neighbor (70+) irons everything - including his kitchen towels!

I only iron sheets - said neighbor suggested I try it - and it really does make a difference to slide into clean sheets that are 'pressed' - and hubby really appreciated the extra touch! I'm shocked he even noticed, but he did and he said it made him feel special. OK, I can sacrifice the time and effort to iron our sheets. =)


shanna said...

That's kind of the cutest thing I've ever heard---ironing your pajamas! Tell her she's too cute. :)

Anonymous said...

This is the mom and grandma that was in the picture . Thank you about the comments about ironing . About ironing the sheets , my husbands says the same thing, and that is the only times he does comment also. He would love it ,if it was done every day . Try it climbing into bed with crisp sheets . Just like a high end hotel , with luxury sheets.  I do find it very relaxing though to iron and find the end result very satisfying . Hope it is something we are passing on , not something that is left in a closet.Grandma to Elijah and Sara