November 30, 2008

Tighter Financial belt with a FIT.

Earlier this year we had two cars - a 2006 Saturn ion and a 2006 Saturn Relay (minivan) For a lot of families having a mini van is a necessity. I am not a mini-van Mom. It was bigger then we needed.

A few months ago I go a frugal stick up my butt - Jim and I sold our mini van and decided to live on one vehicle!

I'm almost ashamed to admit it - not long ago we broke down and bought a second car. A new car.

We are now very proud owners of a 2009 Honda Fit.

Here is list of excuses as to why we needed wanted a second car:

-getting the kids up early to take Hubby to work was tiresome (I'm lazy)
-picking up Hubby from work when I normally cook dinner was a bother. (I'm lazy)

Yes, I'm a lazy American who isn't even a citizen! - living out the American dream of being in debt.

But - hey! Didn't I say I was a proud owner? yes, I did.

Here is a list of good reasons why a Honda Fit fits us:

-We recently reached 38 mpg... awesome!
-It's looks tiny - but has more then enough space for our family - we bought what we needed not what we wanted. Here is what we wanted.

Why new - why not used?

-used cars loans generally have higher interest rates
-we wanted something under warranty.
-we looked for used Hondas - here's the thing - Hondas hold their value. A 2-3 year Honda is not a huge bargain.

Overall this was a good purchase for us. We have a new car- a car that fits our budget, a car that fits our family. This was an educated decision - not an emotional one. And that's a big deal for us!


Lorie said...

Congratulations! You made a sound decision for your family! While I don't get 38 mpg with my VW Passat Wagon I do get excellent mileage compared to many (many, many)others in my "huge truck" town with plenty of room for my family. Enjoy that new car!

Esther said...

Looks like a fun car! I'm a mini van mom, myself. It has to be a relief to get back to two cars, though.

Anonymous said...

I understand completely. I spend a lot of time in my car - a lot! wise choice